PC10r glass micro-fused pressure sensor pressure sensor Ce RoHS

PC10R Glass Micro Fused Pressure SensorFeaturesWith constant current and constant voltage excitation optionsImported highly reliable  chipWide temperature compensationNormalized output availableCompensation board filled with glue for protection against moistureΦ19mm standard OEMAll 316L materialHigh performance, all sol

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PC10R Glass Micro Fused Pressure Sensor

With constant current and constant voltage excitation options
Imported highly reliable  chip
Wide temperature compensation
Normalized output available
Compensation board filled with glue for protection against moisture
Φ19mm standard OEM
All 316L material
High performance, all solid, high reliability
18 months warranty period
Good shock resistance
Process control systems
Pressure calibration instruments
Refrigeration equipment and HVAC control
Hydraulic systems and valves
Level measurement
Biomedical instruments
Ships and navigation
Aircraft and avionics systems
Product overview
PC10R glass micro fused pressure sensor is the core component for the manufacture of pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. As high-performance and shock resistant pressure sensitive component, PC10R can be easily amplified and assembled into the pressure transmitters with standard signal output.
The production process of PC10R is that chip glued to 17-4PH stainless steel diaphragm with glass glue. External pressure is transmitted to the chip through stainless steel diaphragm. The chip does not directly contact with measuring medium, forming all solid structure of pressure measurement. So the product can be applied to a variety of occasions, especially harsh corrosive medium environment with large shock.
PC10R uses O-ring for pressure seal, which is easy to install.
The company can also undertake special customization based on the needs of users, such as pressure sensors of all welded structure, wide temperature compensation, high reliability, anti-shock and anti-vibration sensors, especially for national defense weapons and equipment.

Electrical performance parameters
Pressure range0~1MPa100MPa
Pressure referenceGauge pressure
Input impedance1kΩ~3kΩ
Electrical connectionsilicon soft wire
Compensation temp.-10ºC~70ºC
Operating temp.-40ºC~120ºC
Storage temp.-40ºC~125ºC
Insulation resistance≥200MΩ/250VDC 
Response time≤1ms (up to 90%FS)
Measuring mediumAll the liquids and gases compatible with 17-4PH.
Mechanical vibration20g (20~5000Hz)
Shock100g (10ms)
Service life10×106 (cycles)
Structural performance parameters
Diaphragm material17-4PH
Housing material304
Filling oilNone
Sealing ringFluorine rubber
Basic parameters
Nonlinearity -0.5±0.30.5%FS 
Hysteresis -0.05±0.030.05%FS 
Repeatability -0.05±0.030.05%FS 
Zero output -202mV 
Full scale span output 3080120mV 
Zero temp. coefficient -1±0.31%FS 
Span temp. coefficient -2±12%FS 
Thermal hysteresis -0.075±0.050.075%FS 
Long term stability -0.3±0.20.3%FS/Year 

About Us:

PC10r Glass Micro Fused Pressure Sensor Pressure Transducer Ce RoHS

PC10r Glass Micro Fused Pressure Sensor Pressure Transducer Ce RoHS

PC10r Glass Micro Fused Pressure Sensor Pressure Transducer Ce RoHS

PC10r Glass Micro Fused Pressure Sensor Pressure Transducer Ce RoHS

1.    Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
        A: We are manufacturer which focuses on pressure sensor for 33 years.
2.    Q: What international certificates do you have?
        A: ISO9001, CE, RoHS Certificated.
3.    Q: What is your production capacity?
        A: We produced 1500000 pieces pressure sensor in year 2017.
4.    Q: What is the lead time of your product?
        A: Stocks are available for some products. The typical lead time is 8~14 working days for product without customization. 
       Note: lead time may vary base on different products. Please contact us for detailed lead time. 
5.    Q: What is the warranty of your products?
       A: Our warranty time is 18 months after shipment.
6.    Q: Do you provide customized products?
       A: Yes, we can laser mark your logo, model and product information according to your requirement. We provide OEM and ODM service.

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